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St Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas are a fantastic three some that together make up the desirable and incredible U.S. Virgin Islands. This paradise has so much to offer than just the stunning miles of beaches. Visitors get to find themselves in a mix of intricate culture while enjoying things like historical tours of the islands, an eclectic mix of culinary wonders, artisan fairs and parades, and beautiful architectural structure in every corner. Caribbean style food, drinks, and music are a wonderful addition to the already bursting cultural delights to enjoy and you will certainly have no shortage of excitement while exploring any of these three isles.

With pure white sand and turquoise water for miles you will find yourself enjoying a little slice of heaven when vacationing in the Virgin Islands. Beachfront huts and villas grace the area and provide you with a whimsical and magical vacation experience. Step into your ocean front hut located in two feet over water and you can feel like you are really part of the island culture. During the day you can set your sites on water activities like parasailing, wind surfing, snorkeling and deep sea diving and at night you can indulge in a blend of Caribbean music, food, and spirits to continue your cultural experience.

St. Thomas is the first stop on the trip to the Virgin Islands, the most popular island of the threesome is sure to make a fantastic first impression. Outdoor enthusiast and adventure seekers you have arrived at your destination in St. John, and for the cultural wanderers looking for a blast from the past of the true Caribbean lifestyle welcome to St. Croix. No matter where you choose to stop or stay during your trip to the US Virgin Islands you will be provided with a piece of paradise in each endeavor. Warm temperatures and ocean water are a permanent resident of this area so no matter what time of year you choose to travel here you are sure to see no shortage of sun or fun on the islands.