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Travel to the far northeast corner of North America and you will find the exotic Island of Greenland. Located largely within the arctic region of the world, Greenland is the world's largest non-continental island. Find yourself experiencing the wonderful world of ice fishing, on your first dog sled ride, mountain climbing, or witnessing the magical northern lights phenomenon. This part of the world has so much to offer and will satisfy all of your travel desires.

East Greenland is one of the most isolated parts of the area and offers a large scale of possibilities for big adventures. Take a trip to a mountain waterfall where you can experience floating icebergs, sail the waters, or enjoy the snowy terrain with a dogsled or ski ride down the mountains. South Greenland boasts temperatures higher than the rest of the country reaching up to 20 degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer months. Hiking and kayaking with beautiful mountain backdrops are one of the greatest things to do in this area of the country. West Greenland is home to most of the countries villages and residents; here you can enjoy the true experience of the Greenland culture. You have the chance to actually take diving trips understand icebergs, explore the Disko Bay and experience the astonishing sites of the Northern Lights on a variety of excursions.

Greenland is a place jam packed with adventure. It is home to some of the most mystical and amazing sites in the entire world and will be sure to provide with a vacation unlike anything you've ever experienced. Be sure to pack your galoshes and coats because the climate is cold, but the adventure and excitement will be sure to heat up your trip from start to finish!