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Greenland Vacation Home & House Rentals - Specials, Discounts & Pet Friendly Rentals

Homes or Villas in Greenland are the perfect accommodations for people deciding to travel in a large group, or just in search for sort of a home away from home while enjoying their vacation. Explore places like Kangerlussuag, Manitsoq, and Nuuk and enjoy a comfortable and spacious home base to rest your head after a long day of excitement and traveling.

Enjoy views of the mountains, icebergs, and Disko Bay in a comfortable home rental with fabulous balcony views. Dust off your boots after a long day of dog sled riding or hiking, or enjoy a space to cook in and light a fire when you want to enjoy a night in on your trip. These home rentals come with spacious living areas and large open bedrooms. They are quaint, cozy, and comfortable; what more can you ask for after a day out in the cold? With cold temperatures all year long many homes are equipped with fireplaces and/or wood burning stoves for your enjoyment and comfort.

Greenland is the perfect destination for anyone desiring an exotic and adventurous trip unlike any other that you’ve experienced! Stray away from the warm tropics and take a chance on something new. A trip to Greenland is something you will never forget.