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Paris Vacation Home & House Rentals - Specials, Discounts & Pet Friendly Rentals

Finding the most comfortable and affordable accommodations possible is usually the top priority when beginning to plan the perfect vacation, especially one that may be located in a foreign city or country. Paris rentals offer luxury and comfort and for the budget conscious----plenty of options around the city can suite your needs.

If you are looking to feel at home in France one of Paris’s many luxurious home rentals may be the best option for you. A house rental gives you the feel of comfort and luxury will additionally providing a sufficient amount of space. All those you are traveling with will be able to enjoy the experience of the city and its culture while staying together in one lavish and convenient space.

When you rent a home in Paris you’ll be free and welcome to enjoy the simple pleasures of French life. Walk to a bakery to pick up fresh croissants, take a shopping tote to pick up decadent wines and cheeses that grace the region, or be free to enjoy a delicious meal on your vine wrapped terrace. With main sitting and living areas, lofts, spacious bedrooms and large backyards many of which are accompanied by swimming pools, a Paris home will be sure to provide you with the experience you are looking for. Many amenities are included in these homes such as televisions, wifi, washer & dryer, full kitchens and many times linen and cleaning services are offered through out your stay. The best part of these rentals? The views-­‐ many of the homes in Paris are strategically placed to over look some of the hidden gems and landmarks located all over the city.