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Being a premier vacation resort and also one of the most renowned ski resorts of California, Lake Tahoe's region has a plenty of vacation rentals: homes, condos, apartments, villas, cottages, cabins and chalet are available for rent in large number; therefore finding accommodations is usually not a problem. However, in the peak season it is advisable to reserve your lodging in advance! The Washoe Native Americans, who inhabited Lake Tahoe over 10,000 years ago, pronounced the area "Da-ow-a-ga". It also has been considered the "Jewel of the Sierra". In 1945, the California legislature officially named it Lake Tahoe, Tahoe being the Washoe word for "big water". And it is big water indeed. When you come to Lake Tahoe, California, you come for the lake. Temperatures vary, so summer activities equal winter ones in immediacy and satisfaction. But the lake and mountain sports are not the only things to do in North Lake Tahoe. To get a feel for the real North Lake Tahoe, you need to explore the North Lake Historical Society. This may not seem like high priority if you're not a history buff, but the knowledge gained will make you appreciate the land and water you ski, golf, or kayak on. History, however, isn't for the high rollers. Dozens of high-class casinos can be found in North Lake Tahoe. Whether the stakes are high or low, or whether pro or beginner, it'll be hard to walk away. And if you're with your family or you stay clear of gambling, bands and comedians perform nightly. The muse permeates North Lake Tahoe. There are numerous art galleries and theatres, running shows constantly. Night life is never dull. Dance clubs and restaurants are around corners you thought you'd already passed. Like clockwork, events go on yearly in North Lake Tahoe. Come to this ski resorts wintertime - Snowfest is huge, each day a happening to take part in: snow dog race on the slopes, where you race with man's best friend around hydrants, through tunnels, and over bone ramps; pancake breakfasts and Irish Stew dinners; fireworks; parades; charity banquets; ice cream eating contests; Polar Bear Swimming races; human bowling; dog sleigh races; tricycle races; sumo-suit wrestling; battle of the bands; and snow sculpture contests. Not to be missed! In the spring, Lake Tahoe shares an international film festival with Reno. Summertime, Shakespeare takes center stage in festivities. Hand-crafted and antique wooden boats are displayed in the Concours d'Elegance.

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Of course, finding accommodations in ski resorts of Lake Tahoe, California, South or North, is easy, since there are many vacation rentals with great lodging amenities. As lodging, you can choose one of the many available vacation rentals such as homes, condos, cottages, cabins, apartments or villas. North Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, 98 miles from Sacramento, and 45 miles from Reno, North Lake Tahoe straddles the California and Nevada borders. As of 2000 census, 14,887 people reside in North Lake Tahoe. The areas that comprise North Lake Tahoe are: Agate Bay, Alpine Meadows, Brockway, Carnelian Bay, Cedar Flat, Dollar Point, Donner Lake, Juniper Hill, Kings Beach, Kingswood Estates, Lake Forest, Northstar, Squaw Valley (Olympic Valley), Tahoe City, Tahoe Donner, Tahoe Vista, and Truckee. Fourth of July does not go unnoticed in Lake Tahoe; meaning just about every way to celebrate the birth of our nation occurs: wine tasting; dining under the stars; fireworks; parades; free dance lessons; retro roller skating; live music; cable car rides to an elevation of 8200' where you can play tennis, mountain top ice skating, and swimming; scenic hiking; mountain top BBQ; climbing walls; ropes courses; golf; horse back riding; and outdoor circus and trapeze. When Lake Tahoe, California, comes to mind, snow sports are first and foremost. Skiers have been dashing through moguls here since the 1800s. Snow falls constantly year-round and has been known to dump itself seven feet deep in twenty-four hours. There are about fifteen resorts in Lake Tahoe; seven ski resorts in North Lake Tahoe alone. 26,000 acres are ski-able. Over two hundred trails try the cross-country skier. So strap on your boots, lock your skis or snowboard into place, and you are in high heaven. And if the slopes aren't on the agenda, other snow-filled activities can round out your winter vacation. Crank up the snowmobile and tear through trails on the Sierra Mountains. Ride dog- or horse-drawn sleds and sleighs. Figure 8 with your family and friends on mountaintop ice rinks. Get close and personal with the snow-laden trees by hiking or snowshoeing. For your children or your own 'inner child', there are snow play areas for tubing, sledding, snowball fights, and whatever fun you can make of the day. And if quiet is what you seek, fish in the cool streams or the mighty Lake Tahoe. Only the imagination limits you and your winter vacation on Lake Tahoe and its never-ending Sierra Mountains. And winter does not limit your vacation on Lake Tahoe. All year round there are activities that would take longer than a year to do them. Forty-six golf courses are located in the Lake Tahoe area, so when you vacation in Lake Tahoe, if you're in love with golf, you may consider moving here. Summer temperatures are exquisite. On average, it is 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Accommodations are great in summer too. Anything you can think of to do on a lake, you will find in North Lake Tahoe. Water ski and jet ski, slicing through wakes not as choppy as open sea, but not as mild for the faint of heart. Boat for enjoyment or fishing. Cocktails and moonlit nights make cruises a special getaway on the freshwater. Kayak on golden waters under a noonday sun. Hike through and camp on the rugged terrain. Beaches line the shores, so swimming and tanning are not as unheard of as one might think. Get a massage at local spas, so come rain, snow, sun, you'll feel the true relaxation a trip to Lake Tahoe can give. When you want to switch gears on your trip, mountain biking will add that thrill. Go where eagles dare by hang gliding, sky diving, hot air ballooning. At those heights, you won't forget ski resorts of Lake Tahoe or the Sierras or the rush going up and down your spine. Whether your mind draws you to the slopes, high altitudes, freshwater, nature, or comfortable lodging in vacation rentals (homes, cabins, cottages, chalet, condos, apartments, villas) your heart will say yes on your vacation at Lake Tahoe, California!