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The magnitude and majesty of the San Juan Mountains will astound you upon your arrival at Telluride, Colorado! Threads of mountain trails and slopes stitch together two towns, traditional and historic Telluride and plush, posh Mountain Village. Nowadays Telluride is a renowned ski resort and many tourists come every year to spend their winter or summer vacation. All these tourists need lodging, so the entire area developed many vacation rentals near the ski resorts: homes, apartments, and mountain lodges. These rentals offer different levels of comfort and a variety of amenities. Once home and hunting ground for native Ute tribes, the mountain valleys and peaks have hosted a succession of cultures. 18th century Spanish explorers, who gave the San Juan Mountains their name, established what’s now Telluride as an outpost on an overland route to the Pacific. The explorers were driven out by the unrelenting climate and perilous terrain. Next, Anglo-descent fur traders settled, until over-trapping killed most of the beaver population. They left, too. In 1878, silver mining boosted Telluride's economy, maturing the town, so that by the 1890s, miners and settlers of many nationalities - Swedish, Irish, Italian, French, Chinese – swelled the population to 5,000. During this robust time, an opera house, theater, saloons, dance halls, and a red light district were bustling. First called Columbia, the town was forced to change its name; the US Post Office wouldn't put in a post office because there could be confusion between this town and a mining community in California of the same name. Different stories speculate on the origin of Telluride's name. One is that it comes from the non-metallic element, tellurium. However, tellurium is not found in the region. The other is that it is based on a colloquialism, "To-Hell-You-Ride", which was said in parting. Around the time of World War I, the price of silver crashed and, with the price of gold being fixed, Telluride found itself in dire straits. Though it was almost a ghost town by the 1960s, Bill Mahoney Sr. and Joe Zoline led a local group of entrepreneurs to create a ski area, transforming Telluride into a world class ski resort by 1978. Mountain Village has a briefer history, having been technically founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1995. The population of Telluride is approximately 2,000 residents and Mountain Village has 950 residents.

Lodging & Homes in Telluride

There are many rental homes and chalets in Telluride. Once you have found a vacation home or mountain lodge which best fits your family's needs and your lodging is booked, you can focus on the wonders that Telluride has to offer. To connect the dots of winding runs, slopes with color-jacketed skiers, looming steeps and panoramic mountains, the Gondola ride between Telluride and Mountain Village is convenient and adds an element of wonder to your perspective. Local workers, skiers and tourists use it for free. Pets and bicycles are allowed. When you reach the mid-mountain town of Mountain Village, visit the lively area of Mountain Village Center, where upscale restaurants and shops line the streets. Commemorative bronze statues of Ute natives, miners, and skiers remind passersby of local history. While the scenes move you and the skiing drives you, some places are worth stopping for: Telluride Historical Museum, Bridal Veil Falls, Tomboy Ghost Town, Cornet Creek Falls, Alta Lake and Ghost Town, Trout Lake, and the Sheridan Opera House. Hike the Bear Creek Trail or San Miguel River Trail - or walk a historical tour of Telluride. Town Park is an all-around favorite for locals and visitors. People camp, ski cross-country, play basketball, soccer, tennis and hockey, or swim, or skate. Kids hang out at the Voodoo Lounge where they play pool and ping pong, watch TV and movies, and socialize.

Ski Activities & Amenities

Winter, spring, summer, fall; each season brings events, restaurant specials, and all the latest fashions. Don’t miss bluegrass festivals, blues and jazz festivals, film festivals, or music at the Sheridan Opera House. There’s every kind of race imaginable: skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, running and more. For other diversions check out balloon rallies or wine/cuisine tastings. Different organizations and venues host the variety of activities. No franchises, no strip malls, no outlet stores sully the spirit of Telluride. Art galleries, boutiques, antiques stores, book and music stores, home furnishing stores and glass and pottery stores are most often privately owned. Colorado nightlife and restaurants encompass a kaleidoscope of styles, flavors and scales in this vacation resort: barbecue, seafood, steakhouses, sushi bars, pubs and nightclubs, breakfast shops and coffeehouses, offering Asian, French, Italian, Latin, and Mexican cuisines. In active resorts like Telluride and Mountain Village, not having sporting gear is almost criminal. From bait to snowboards, local shops have the essentials for sale or rent and their quality is top-notch. Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit at a spa. Once the tension, soreness and pain are relieved, you be ready to get out there again on steeps, moguls, and runs! In the high altitudes of the majestic San Juan Mountains, weddings are magnificent. Most of the things you need to make your wedding ideal are available in Telluride and Mountain Village. With all those little things under control, there’s less stress on your perfect day. Telluride and Mountain Village together create a vacation & ski resort paradise in Colorado. History, nature, and modern luxury interweave in an expansive mountainous world. The variety of sports and leisure cannot be overstated: backcountry and cross-country skiing, heli-skiing (It’s only venue for this in Colorado and one of six in the country.), Nordic skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, ice climbing, ice skating, snowmobiling, mountain biking, skate boarding, camping, fishing, fly-fishing, golfing, tennis, hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, and swimming. Are you exhausted yet? USA Today has reported that Telluride is "the most beautiful ski town in the country". When you vacation here, you should not leave Telluride without seeing Mountain Village. One Gondola ride, one run on the groomed powder, one hot chocolate, a day at the shops and stores and a single massage will enthrall you, your family and friends. Telluride is a vacation resort well known not just for its excellent ski facilities and natural beauties, but for its excellent lodging amenities too. Plenty of vacation rentals are available for lodging and whatever you rent - a home, apartment or mountain lodge - you'll find the comfort you need to enjoy a really memorable vacation in Colorado.