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One of Hawaii's best kept secrets, the island of Molokai, is truly a step back to a simpler time and most satisfying vacation destination. The island stays true to its Hawaiian traditions, providing a relaxing, tranquil place to while away your vacation stay. A short plane ride from Oahu or a ferry ride from Maui, you can make Molokai your primary vacation spot, or part of a multi-island getaway in paradise. Whether you choose to stay in vacation rentals settled in luxury resorts like condos, apartments, villas, ocean front cottages, cabins or private homes, your stay on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, will be as spectacular as the sunsets. Just because you are on a tropical island doesn't mean you have to sit around all day, soaking up the sunshine and drinking the best Mai Thai you will ever encounter (although this is a perfectly acceptable vacation itinerary!). You can take a breathtaking hike though the Halawa Valley, a classic Hawaiian "cathedral valley" boasting a vast array of tropical flora and fauna. As you discover it's many hidden places of worship, you will understand why this valley is known as one of the island's most sacred areas.

Ocean Front Homes & Condos of Molokai

After you have found the desired accomodation in vacation rentals like ocean front homes, cabins, cottages, villas, apartments or condos, most of them built in luxury resorts, you can focus on your Hawaiian vacation. For a slight change of venue, but certainly not pace, take a memorable mule ride through Kalaupapa National Historical Park. You will travel along the highest recorded sea cliffs in the world and view a spectacular blue sea horizon as you travel down to the town of Kalaupapa. There you will learn about Father Damien, who helped the exiled sufferers of Hansen Disease beginning in 1873. For a change of pace, take in nine wholes of golf at Ironwood Hills, located along central Molokai's north coast mountains. There are endless activities to experience and places to explore on this island full of tradition and beauty. While a vacation on Molokai, Hawaii, is a good bet all year long, you may want to plan your trip based on what type of weather to expect and when. Temperatures continually range in the low to mid 80s. You will experience calmer waters during the summer months, and in the winter have the chance to catch a breathtaking view of the humpback whales. To get the very most out of your stay on Molokai, you may want to consider the space and freedom of one of the many available vacation rentals settled in luxury resorts such as condos, villas, apartments, cottages, cabins or ocean front homes. And don't forget the Mai Thai, it make everything, even paradise named Hawaii, better!