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In case you weren"t aware, in Idaho, there are some of the best ski resorts of the world! Wealth has flowed through the veins of Sun Valley since 1939. And so, vacation rentals (homes, cabins, cottages, chalet, apartments, villas, condos) of Sun Valley are as valuable as you want and as affordable as you want. Two mountains are night and day difference. Bald Mountain has a vertical drop of 3,400 ft.; Dollar Mountain 628 ft. Bald Mountain has an uphill capacity of 26,780 skiers (per skier, Sun Valley has more uphill capacity than any other ski area). 2,054 acres, 75 runs, top elevation of 9,150 feet, base elevation of 5,750, Bald Mountain is big enough for the expert as well as the novice. Treeless, Dollar Mountain, by contrast, consists of a magic carpet, tubing hill, terrain park for snowboarders, and gentler and shorter trails. Chairlifts and lodges have been undergoing major construction in the last couple of years. Whether you ski or snowboard on either of the two mountains, you"ll feel exhilarated and ready to conquer these mountains all over again. But the mountains are great vacation attractions not just in winter, but in summer too. Climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and many other sports can be practiced in its vacation resorts. Sun Valley, Idaho, is a breathing, cultural mecca. Besides skiing and snowboarding, there is a wealth of places to go to, history and story to listen to, and events to take part in. Just about all arts have a home. Check out the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities and the Sun Valley Art Center. Museums have exhibits, which tell the stories of this unique ski resort town. In 2005, the Dalai Lama visited the area. In the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens, the centerpiece, called the Garden of Infinite Compassion, houses the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, carved in conjunction with the Dalai Lama"s visit. Out of the only two in North America, it is the only one blessed by the Dalai Lama. Not only are there a few movie theaters, but several movies have been filmed in Sun Valley: "I Met Him in Paris", "How to Marry a Millionaire", "The Tall Men", "Bus Stop", "Ski Party", "Pale Rider", "Town and Country", and "Sun Valley Serenade", which is played nightly. From traditional to avant garde, art galleries will draw you in as you browse. Being a premier vacation resort, Sun Valley has a plethora of festivals and events for all types: writers" conferences, such as the Ernest Hemingway Festival, film festivals, jazz and orchestral festivals, rock concerts, food and wine festivals, visual arts forums, environmental lectures and forums, and, of course, skiing and snowboarding contests, competitions, events, and festivals. When not skiing or snowboarding, check the calendar and town maps. More than likely, you"ll find a passion, both in winter and summer time. Since Sun Valley, Idaho, has world-renowned ski resorts finding good lodging there is a problem in the peak season, when the entire area is crowded. Still, vacation rentals such as homes, cottages, cabins, chalet, condos, apartments, and villas can be found in large number in Sun Valley, Idaho, the only issue being just the luxury level which fit your needs.

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Over a hundred shops, galleries, and spas are in the ski resorts of Sun Valley, Idaho. Hip boutiques, sports gear stores, grocery stores, T-shirt shops, jewelry stores, antiques shops, wedding planning - you name it - and Sun Valley has it. Spend all your time on the slopes and only buy the bare essentials or never step foot in a lodge. Either way, you"ll find what you want and need. Dozens upon dozens of restaurants will also cater to your wants and needs. Casual or fine dining, Mexican or French, sushi or steak, hot chocolate or coffee, expensive wine or cheap beer, catering or pub crawl - your choices and expectations are met. World-class skiing is probably your thought on Sun Valley, Idaho. But when you stay in one of the many available vacation rentals likehomes, cabins, cottages, chalet, apartments, villas or condos, you can spend every waking moment finding all the fun sports in town. Not only is there downhill skiing, but Nordic, backcountry, cross-country, and heli-skiing. If you are a novice, there are plenty of instructors to teach you how to safely ski and enjoy this adventurous sport. Other snow and ice related activities you can imagine: snowshoe, snowmobile, ice skate, ice climb, sleigh ride, dog sled, sled, snow-angel and snow-man make, ice fish, area tour and paraglide. When tired of the cold, the activities don"t end: bowl, indoor exercise, sculpt pottery, relax at a spa and more. Summer time has activities for the outdoorsy type: area, flower, or bird tour, ATV ride, mountain bike, carriage or wagon ride, chairlift ride, fish, glider ride, aerial tour, golf, tennis, horseback ride, rock climb, swim, white water raft, trap and skeet shoot, camp, and whatever else feeds your passion. Having renowned ski resorts, stars and world-class skiers have graced Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley was named so, because of the 250 days in which the sun shows its lovely face. The mountains dare the best skiers and hikers. Vacation rentals like homes, cottages, cabins, chalet, villas, apartments and condos comfort the exhausted. Arts and culture enlighten minds. Festivals provide fun. Restaurants and pubs liven up the hungry and thirsty. Lodging into vacation rentals you can center yourself at all angles of what is to be had at Sun Valley, Idaho.