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Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and New England's largest city. It is known to be one of the most historical, wealthy and influential cities in the entire country. Boston is jam-packed with top-notch museums, fresh seafood restaurants, historical landmarks, live performances beautiful scenery and much more. While the list of qualities could go on and on, it is no surprise that Boston is home to an average of 16 million travelers each year, which makes it one of the top ten most popular vacation destinations in the United States.

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Boston is the ideal vacation destination to just about any type of traveler that you could possibly think of. Whether you are a history buff, art seeker or sports fan, the list of things to see and do could go on and on. With the foundation of Boston being built around its amazing history and culture, it somehow manages to put off an eclectic atmosphere that makes for a great combination. Boasting great local restaurants, boutiques, local breweries, quaint coffee shops, outdoor gardens and plenty more, the only question you may find yourself asking during a trip to Boston is how you can possibly fit in all of the things you desire to see and do. While the days may not be long enough to pile on everything, rest assured that whatever things that you do choose will make for a great American vacation experience!