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While all signs point to the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, by no means are all things Las Vegas exclusive to the Strip. The greater Las Vegas vacation resorts have an explosive history of wealth and population. By the 80s and 90s, around the time the Mirage opened, the era of the "mega-resorts" arose, skyrocketing the population by an increase of 97.6 percent; a growth rate of building a city the size of Reno in ten years! Population is estimated to be 1,036,180 as of 2006, making it one of the fastest growing regions in the US. Finding accommodations in one of the many home rentals settled in vacation resorts of Las Vegas, Nevada, is a very good choice. First and foremost, it's affordable, especially for more than two or four visitors and families. While you may want to be in the heart of the action by staying in a hotel, the bucks per person add up. Not only may you be tempted by the slot bells and clicking roulette wheel on your way in and out of your hotel lobby, but the expensive restaurants may seduce you. Unforeseen expenses might deplete your dollars in Las Vegas, a town where money flows like water. It's also affordable to cook your own meals, in your own private, fully equipped kitchen. Shopping centers are also nearby, so you don't have to depend on the Strip for all your necessities. The pool, if not your own, is likely to be close by; hotel noise is non-existent, while you read your favorite author and refresh yourself in the hot desert climate. The downtown and Boulder Strip have its malls, shops, casinos, shows, and restaurants. You may stay in the Strip, but it will be much longer to reach many of the other attractions in the greater vacation resorts of Las Vegas, Nevada. So it would be more of a trek from the Strip to many of the dozens of golf courses than it would be if you stayed in home rentals. However, it wouldn't be as much of a trip from your rental property to the Strip, downtown, and Boulder Strip. Lake Mead Recreation Area, Valley of Fire State Park, the Hoover Dam, Mt. Charleston Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Park, may be in the four corners of Las Vegas, but what attracts you to each of them makes it a lot easier to reach, than if you stayed in the Strip. Sam Boyd Stadium, Cashman Center and baseball field have games and events you may not want to miss too. The Strip isn't leaving anytime soon.

Accommodations in Las Vegas

Some homes for rent are in the safety of gated communities. In home rentals, on average, but not all inclusive, are given, expected, and luxurious amenities: fully equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, microwaves, BBQ grills, dishwashers, necessary appliances, air conditioners, heaters, ceiling fans, patios, swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, two or more car garages, big screen, cable TVs, DVD and VCR players, high speed internet, video game systems, pool tables, private pools with water slides, tennis courts, volleyball courts, air hockey tables, soft ball fields, dog and skate parks. Most vacation homes are pet friendly. House landscapes are kempt; linens, kitchens, and bathrooms are clean; and some homes can sleep comfortably over twenty people. With rates like $500 and over, per night, it is easy to see how affordable renting a home is in comparison with accommodations in a hotel. Las Vegas, Nevada, has many faces: Sin City, Entertainment Capital of the World, Wedding Capital of the World. One new face that is emerging is Las Vegas as a family-oriented city. For you, your family, and friends, hotels may not size up. Complete exposure to casinos may not appeal to you. The Strip and gambling might not be on you're agenda. Finding accommodations in one of the comfortable vacation home rentals is that other face, the familial side, emerging in Las Vegas, Nevada.